Each week, we trust the Lord for the demonstration of His power and His kingdom to come to our people.


As Jesus has given us all power over the works of the satan, we simply follow His guidance in bringing hope and healing to everyone we meet.


It is not enough that we make sure that our people are spiritually and physically fed, but that they are set free from the effects of the world and the enemy of our souls.  As Jesus commanded: "heal the sick, raise the dead and cast out demons.." - we are simply carrying forth the work He started 2000 years ago.


The power of our our testimonies on this page is what allows us to overcome as we appropriate the Blood of the Lamb, the Word of our testimony while we are not lovoing our lives unto death. [see Revelation].


May God be glorified, His Name be praised and uplifted in these testimonies.


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Washing Feet Like Jesus

March 13, 2016

"When I looked at these pics, the Love of God jumped in my heart and out my eyes and tears ran down my cheeks in unstoppable streams. This is what Jesus meant when He said, " the least you do to these little ones, you have done to me".
It is so poweful when God is, as much as He is looking at you, also acknowleging His acceptance for the deed you have performed "to the least of these"!

To God all the glory for a team He gave me and the blessing over Joykids!"- Hendrik Visser

Ouma Swartbooi

She goes by the name, Ouma Swartbooi but her real name is Nontsokolo Elsie Swartbooi is a real souce of inspiration and courage. She is worthy of mention in her very senior year of 101 years old as it is never too late to make a commitment to the Lord. She recently gave her life to the Lord and received healing when we laid hands on her. She stays in a small wooden hut without running water and electricity. Let us continue show love and compassion to this aged lady.

2019 News!

Ouma has passed away to be with Jesus at an age over 100 years old.

Hygiene Awareness

February 24, 2016

Joy Kids is teaching kids to brush teeth and clean themselves on a weekly basis. Kayna, Antjie and Kenneth are the teachers for today demonstrating cleaning feet. This will be done on the grounds of Joykids every Tuesday and Thursday if you would like to get involved. Then we will give new clothes to those who have none.

Donkerkhoek ministry

February 20, 2020

Donkerkhoek is receiving word ministry. I this video, the people worship with Hennie and he prays with them. The simple Gospel is always the same and the love of God is always available.

Pienkie Healed of Epilepsy

September 10, 2015

Joykids ministry team seeks the face of God to pour out His glory on our community. When we weekly meet with people to share the Gospel and to meet their needs He is always faithful to demonstrate His love and healing. 


This week, when laying hands on Pienkie and declaring the healing power of Jesus, she was completely healed of Epilepsy!

Bloekomlaan Farming Community Church Plant

September 05, 2015

Since 2013, Joykids has been involved in establishing and discipling the isolated communities of our farm workers.


In addition to the Tsitsikamma community, Bloekomlaan was planted with the help of AGS Deo Doxa Jeffreys Bay members who visit regularly and who have donated chairs for the meetings.  Judah Ministries donated a tent in which weekly meetings can be held.


All glory and praise to the Lord for enabling us to do this crucial work in our area.

Ouma Swartbooi Healed

July 14, 2015

Ouma Swantbooi was healed today after we visited her house today. After 101 years of age, ouma passed to be with Jesus.

She was such a blessing and her whole life witness of the Love she had for people and Jesus.

Youth Workers at Joykids

August 18, 2015

The Youth Ministers of Nuwe Lewe Aanbiddingsentrum in Humansdorp partook in the educational programme at Joykids in August. Here is the character, Aimee telling her story and so giving a life lesson to the Joykids.

Humansdorp Secondary School visited

August 24, 2015

Wat ‘n awesome antwoord kry ek vanoggend van ‘n onderwyser by die Humansdorp Sekonddere skool!


Na die verrigtinge het ek gevoel om hom te komplimenteer op die ordelikheid en dissepline van die kinders. Ek meen, dis 2400 bymekaar en steeds gaan alles so mooi ordelik af. Amaizing. Maar toe ek vir hom sê: Ek weet nie hoe julle dit doen nie, was sy antwoord dood eenvoudig: Dis omdat dit nie ons krag is nie, maar die outoriteit van Christus wat in ons werk. Ons is dissipels en on sweet dat die dissipel hou verband met discipline.


Om discipline te hanthaaf is dus ook die outoriteit van Christus in ons. Wow! Welldone mnr Jantjies, dis ‘n briljante antwoord!

- Paul Ferreira

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