LEBANON OUTREACH in 2017 - greate susccess!


Joykids International (NPC) Reg.No. 2011/107357/08

Bank. FNB code. 210515

Acc. 62380033854

REFERENCE: Lebanon Outreach 2017

Kadisha Valley
Kadisha Valley

lebanon map
lebanon map

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Kadisha Valley
Kadisha Valley


More About Our Friendly Farmers and Suppliers:

The Monthly Budget:

  • Collection of food from various collection points:

  • (e.g. Bread We have to buy bread in order to deliver on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday)

  • Milk, compact sachets of 200 ml Specially manufactured and supplied by Woodlands Dairy.

  • Fresh milk of 25 liter from The Glen Farm. Friday every week.

  • Ingredients for soup-mix and other components for daily meal preparation From Hotelfox Security.

  • There are five homes selected as cooking houses in Gill-Marcus, Sewendelaan, Maak ‘n Las and Vaaldam that prepare meals on a daily basis. Each cooking house gets Ingredients to feed about 300 children per day.

  • Every Thursday, oom Hennie Collect fresh veggies from the farms and Strawberries and Spinach from Mooi Hoek boerdery. (In season)

  • Humansdorp Friendly Supermarket supply - Potatoes, onions and Apples.


  •  Budget: Our monthly budget.


  • Renting of kitchens and facilities for preparation of food including electricity and gass amounts R3 500 per month.

  • Volunteer’s reward and support varies between R5 000.00 and R7 000.00 per month, depending in the financial income of the NPC at that stage. Transport and vehicle maintenance cost. R3 300.00 per month Vehicle Maintenance per month amounts to R15 000.00 per year


In summary, the budget per month is R15 500.00


There is no sustainable Income because donations and other gifts are slow and sometimes never happens. Deo-Doxa AFM church donates an amount per month. Between myself, my son in Johannesburg and my Security Company, we manage to make up the budget as we go.


A financial injection to Joykids International (NPC) will be welcome, as it will secure sustainable services to the needy children in the dedicated area.

As winter is approaching fast, clothing is the next thing on the wish list. We have already calculated to buy 200 long sleeves t-shirts from Ackermans at R20.00 per unit.

We hope to obtain four storage containers of 12 meters in order to build a shelter on the grounds of Joykids International (NPC) in Gill-Marcus.

In Order to secure the property in Besembos Street Gill-Marcus, we are planning to erect a "Wire Wall" all around the borders and would welcome any donation to support this project. Wee need R120 000 in total to complete the wall.

Everyone has the privilege to support any one of these little ones.

Maybe you would like to make a general donation.



First National Bank South Africa:

Name: Joykids International (NPC)

Reg. No: 2011/107357/08

FNB: Business Cheque Account: 62380033854

Jeffrey's Bay. Branch Code: 210515





Joy Kids International thanks every one and prays the blessing of God over each and every contributor:

We supply every donator with a supportive TAX Deductable Documant and you may claim 100% back from Tax deduction.