Joykids Supports & Ministers to The Impoverished

Joykids is only a name to act as a vehicle to move among the impoverished people of the Kouga Region of the Eastern Cape, South Africa, a means of reaching the lost.


Calling To the Young Ones

Our calling is from the heart of God. Joykids has been borne out of need and because of many prayers of caring people and the cry of young ones without hope, that has come before the Lord. God has heard this cry from his beloved ones that was smothered in their blood, left to die in loneliness, deserted by the world, because of selfishness. He will provide the means to raise up his army against this wicked world.



No one organization is involved in this effort and no fund-raising scheme will have the chance to corrupt Gods plan. The currency that has paid for our lives has been declared and it is final that only the blood of our Savior, Jesus Christ is valid.




For reference to the projects at Joykids, see our testimonies page to express thanks and suggestions.


The Ministry Team

Joykids has more than one responsible member to execute correct and high standards in the ministry. Every member is a "re-born, blood washed, baptized in water Christian" in the real sense of the word.


Every one involved has a growing relationship with God for some time and because of the fact that they are so close to God, He can send them out to do this work - not because of their great personality, but because of the love of God towards them.

Responsible for Community Change

Hendrik Visser Snr (oom Hennie) hendrik@joykids.co.za

Kayna Goeda, left bottom, is demonstrating the latest bible for exellant bible study for the children.

Oom Hennie and ant. Martie, very happy and ready to deliver the Instructions of Jesus Christ.


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IMG_1593 (800x533)

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Humansdorp High School
Humansdorp High School

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Local Youth Ministers
Local Youth Ministers

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                                Daily outreaches where children are catered for

                                   on the following days and areas:

  • Mondays: 970 children : Sewendelaan and Vaaldam

  • Tuesdays: 850 children : Vlak (bottom part of Vaaldam)

  • Wednesday: 175 children : Kruisfontein Maak 'n Las

  • Thursdays: 297 children : Donkerhoek

  • Fridays: 490 to 900 children : Joykids Container Gill-Marcus


A total of 2782 to 3182 children fed on a one week cycle only.  (Due to Covid-19, these figuers has changed drastically.)


In a given month there are 12,728 children fed that normally would not had any meal if we did not intervene. (At least dropped to 7 000)


This is at the cost of only R5.89 per meal. (R75 000.00 divided by 12,728 meals)

The above does not include the meals that are prepared by the cooking houses on a daily basis.

Some days, there are more than 350 children visiting these houses per day.


Nourishment delivered to the five cooking houses are as follows:

  • Mondays: Sewendelaan and Vaaldam

  • Tuesdays: Vlak (bottom part of Vaaldam)

  • Wednesdays: Kruisfontein Maak ‘n Las

  • Thursdays: Donkerhoek, including Day care,

  • Fridays: Gill-Marcus.


These houses are supplied with Rice-Mix with protein and bread. On Thursdays, they get Veggies and Strawberries. (when avalable)

We are constantly searching for donating food companies who will be able to contribute tax deductible food parcels.


This update is as on 12 June 2021

Ministry Associations

Joy Kids recommends the following ministries and also thank them for their participation and donations

Youth With A Mission is a Christian global missions organisation. We have three branches, TRAINING, EVANGELISM and MERCY MINISTRIES.


We run six-month discipleship training schools (DTS). The students live and learn together for three months during lecture phase and then go into the nations for the next three months, putting into practice what they have learned.


We are partnering with Joykids International because we believe children are the future.


Our motto: To know God and make Him known.


Cyrus 45 Youth Agency

Cyrus45 Youth Agency is a young, dynamic organization, who helps young people in the process of growing up. We like to develop on an individual basis, as in groups, one’s potential in all positive ways.


This we like to realize in family life, individually, peer groups, schools, and the neighborhood and /or in the community.


To develop youth is like a natural process, but it in this time most of them need guidance and even if they try to make the best out of difficult circumstances, they cannot be sustained and helped to grow by chance arrangements or makeshift events.

Joy Kids is supported by the local church in Jeffreys Bay and partners with them to enhance their evangelistic training, youth and ministry outreach programs throughout the year.


The church of about 500-800 members fall under the AFM (Apostolic Faith Mission) group and consider themselves an evangelical, charasmatic,  missional church. 


"Missional" is currently a buzz word in the wider church. It is important to discern what God is saying to the global church. Missional is not merely a strategic focus of the AFM, it is the foundation of our strategic plan, the reason for our existence, the DNA of our church, and our redemptive purpose.


It is therefore that Joy Kids partners with AGS Deo Doxa on occasional missional outreaches to the various communities of our area by supplying ministry supportive programs and regular feeding programs to the underprivileged.  See More.

Situated in Humansdorp, South Africa, Nuwe Lewe (New Life) church is not a rigid denomination but an independent, vibrant and comfortable community and therefore members and visitors will be welcome if you come just as you are, because every person is a unique being and therefore you precious and important to God, as well as for us.


Nuwe Lewe partners with Joy Kids in providing ministry and mercy support within their youth and outreach programmes throughout the year.

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